Did You Miss New Student Orientation?

Hello Gators! If you were unable to attend a formal Orientation Session, please review the following resources to help you prepare for your first semester at SF State. If you have any questions regarding academics or campus life, please reach out to New Student & Family Programs and we'll point you in the right direction.

Hear From Your Peers

We hope you were able to find the video above helpful for you and your transition here to SF State. Below are a few links that the New Student and Family Programs mentioned in their presentation.

Important Links:

Missed Orientation? Follow The Steps Below to Register for Classes!

Please follow these steps as you prepare for your Spring 2023 Semester. These steps include various components of the orientation sessions you may have missed but contain useful information such as creating your Orientation Profile, reviewing academic advising modules, registering for courses, and scheduling an appointment with an academic advisor. 

Before you can access most SF State platforms, all new students will need to set up two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA is one way to keep your private information secure. If you need some help setting up your two-factor authentication, check out our 2FA webpage using the button below.

To Access your advising module, you will first need to follow this link to the Orientation Profile.

  1. You will use your SF State log in credentials (the same credentials you use to log into your SF State Student Center). After you log in you will be brought to your Orientation Profile Task List. 
  2. Click into "What to Know about your Orientation Experience" and read the information and provide your phone number and SMS preference. Then, click into the next task list item titled "COMPLETE ORIENTATION SIGN-UP," fill out the questionnaire, to advance to the date selection area. *These steps need to be completed in order to get to the Advising Modules.
  3. Once you reach the Orientation Date Selection you should see the "Missed Orientation?" option. Select the "Missed Orientation?" option and complete the reservation. 

    Please Note:* The "Missed Orientation?" date option is not a real orientation date and no orientation will be held on that date. There is no fee. This is "Missed Orientation?" option will unlock your academic advising modules.

  4. Once you have completed the steps above, you will be able to access the Academic Advising Module in your Orientation Profile. 
  5. Review and complete all modules.

We know you may have some questions about your academic and registering for your courses. Our Academic Advisors in the Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC) are here to assist you in any way that they can. They have created a Missed Orientation webpage for you to get more information on how to register and where to go if you need additional support and resources. 

Step 1: Start Here

Log onto the New Student & Family Programs "Orientation Profile" page to access tools, resources, and academic advising needed to plan your first semester—there will be a "task list" that includes items you should take care of before the beginning of your first semester.

The Freshmen Class Planner is designed to help you understand the course priorities of what is appropriate for you to take in your first semester at SF State. The instructions for filling out this worksheet is called the "Pre-Orientation Academic Advising Module" as one of the task-list items on your Orientation Profile. This exercise is designed to help you fill out the Class Planner worksheet and will lead you through a few, short steps to help you prioritize which courses you should register for in your first semester.

Academic advising topics in the module include the following:

  • Preparing yourself for class registration
  • Fundamentals of class planning strategies
  • Learning about the "Golden Four" and other General Education requirements
  • Learning about the lower-division major requirements
  • Logging into and using your SF State Gateway/Student Center portal
  • Selecting classes for your first semester
  • Using class registration tools and resources to enroll for your first semester

Step 2: Connect with the University Advising Center!

The UAC website has a ton of great information and resources for undergraduate advising. Use the button below to access the advising hub and make an appointment with the UAC.

If you are a Transfer Student you will want to follow these steps below to get registered for your courses. 

* Due to large volumes of students needing assistance with registering for courses, academic advising appointments may be limited at this time.

  1. Review your Orientation Profile Academic Advising Modules

    1. The modules will walk you through where to find courses, how to register, transfer advising tools, and other useful resources.
  2. Review your Degree Roadmap
    1. Use this link to be taken to the SF State bulletin page, find your degree and use the roadmap as a framework for courses and requirements you may still need to satisfy.
  3. Try and Register for classes on your own with what you learned!
  4. Connect with your college advising center.
    1. If you are experiencing any errors or are unsure if courses transferred over you may get help from your advising center.
    2. Please note some advisors have limited availability as they are assisting all students and their academic needs. It is not required to meet with an advisor.
    3. Use the button below to find your college advising center and access additional academic advising resources

* Due to large volumes of students needing assistance with registering for courses, academic advising appointments may be limited at this time.

The Academic Calendar is a great resource for keeping track of important dates, such as the first day of instruction, deadlines to add and drop classes, holidays, etc. For a registrar-specific calendar, click here.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or a little confused, no worries. Please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to assist you.

Phone: (415) 338-3060

email: nsp@sfsu.edu