Welcome to San Francisco State 2018-19

Welcome to the Gator Family! 

Welcome new Gators! New Student Programs (NSP) assists new SFSU students in the transition to college academics and campus community. Orientation is the important process that runs throughout the summer. This site will provide you with the essential resources for your first-year as a new Gator. Registration is required for all orientation sessions!
GatorFest! was a Great Success! Welcome New Students! 

San Francisco State University is proud to welcome the entering class of 2018, transfer students and international students to our campus community. We are excited that you have chosen San Francisco State and look forward to seeing you this fall. As you start planning your arrival to campus in August, please remember to make preparations for GatorFest! - the university's welcome programs! This is a unique multi-day series of events focused on all of our new students and their families and guests. Learn more here

Orientation Has Concluded! Thank You for a Great Summer! 

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