Peer2Peer Mentor Collective

The Peer2Peer Mentor Collective enhances the student experience by linking students one-on-one with an upper-division peer mentor. Student mentees are paired with someone invested in their success — a person ready to listen, inspire and help navigate many of the challenges that come with being a student, while they share their connections to campus life, resources and opportunities.

Student mentees will gain valuable insights about ways to approach challenges, form meaningful connections with others on campus and about the many San Francisco State University programs and resources available to them to ease their transition to the Gator community. Mentors develop valuable career skills, build their social and professional network and make lasting connections as they support a new student's academic journey.

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Note: the Peer2Peer Mentor Collective was previously hosted by the College of Health and Social Sciences, but has now moved to be campus-wide.

How it Works

To get started, both student mentees and mentors register online and complete a matching-survey to factor in their personal preferences, interests, academic and career aspirations, their lived experience and other factors that contribute to their identity. After completing the survey, student profiles are compared and matched based on the compatibility of the two participants.

Hey there, new Gators! 🐊

Level up your first year at SFSU with Peer2Peer! Sign up for Peer2Peer and get matched with a mentor who's been in your shoes. They'll help you navigate life at SFSU, from academics to social scenes, your mentor's got your back!

Here’s how Peer2Peer works for MENTEES:

  • You complete an online survey about yourself, your interests and your background. 
  • You will be matched with a trained mentor based on similar interests and backgrounds, or whatever is most important to you. 
    • For instance, you can identify that you want a mentor who has a similar major (e.g. Psychology, Computer Science, Cinema, etc), shares an interest (e.g. climate justice, LGBTQ+ events, study abroad, etc), or shares a similar background (e.g. language spoken at home, parent, veteran, first-gen, etc).
  • Once matched with a mentor, you and your mentor decide how often you want to connect. We encourage meeting three times a month, but it depends on your preferences.
  • Connection can happen via email, text, phone, video chat and/or in person.

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Ready to make a difference in another student's life? Join Peer2Peer and become a mentor for incoming students! 

As a mentor, you'll support new Gators in their transition to SF State, share your insider tips and success strategies, inspire and impact the lives of fellow students. Mentors find the experience rewarding and enjoyable and also gain a large range of professional skills that they take with them when they transition to their careers.. 🙌

Be the difference you wish to see on campus. Sign up to be a Peer2Peer mentor today! 

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Here’s how Peer2Peer works for MENTORS: 

  • Interested mentors simply click the sign-up link below to complete a short survey to assess similar interests and backgrounds, or goals.

    • For instance, you can identify that you want to connect with those who have a similar major (e.g. Psychology, Computer Science, Cinema, etc), share an interest (e.g. climate justice, LGBTQ+ events, study abroad, etc), or share a similar background (e.g. language spoken at home, parent, veteran, first-gen, etc).
  • Mentoring is a one-year commitment.
  • You decide how many students to mentor. Most mentors work with 3-4 mentees, although some choose to work with more.
  • Matches happen quickly so that you can get acquainted and support your new mentee. Sometimes you are matched before the the semester even begins.
  • Mentors and mentees are encouraged to connect at least 3 times per month.
    • Connections happen via email, phone, video chat, or text.
  • The best mentors are kind, caring and ready to listen to the experiences of a new student.

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We will email you with more information—please do not hesitate to reach out anytime.

  • If you're interested in getting involved as a mentor or mentee, or our a campus partner and would like to learn more please email
  • If you need technical support, have questions about the matching process, require assistance with the online dashboard or would like support with one of your matches please email

Also, we are happy to provide reasonable accommodations to all participants. For accommodations, please contact the Disability Programs and Resource Center by email at