Parent & Families FAQs

We know this may be a difficult process but trust your students and the decisions they make in college. Check-in periodically and grow that level of comfort between you all. College is a time of exploration and discovery both in and out of the classroom. This is a learning moment for both you and your student and it will be a learning opportunity to know how to support and check in with your students about how they are doing and their needs.

Your students can request assistance through our Career and Leadership Development department. They help with building resumes, supporting students during their job application process, do practice interviews, and workshops.

Students can apply for jobs on campus using handshake. Handshake lists jobs and internships available to the students in the area. 


It varies in what your student is looking for. Almost every department offers jobs to students every semester. We have cafes, we have associated students, we have desk jobs and residential assistant jobs, and many more.

There are parking structures around the campus; however, the parking permits are determined by the plan chosen by your student. This being said SFSU does not recommend students bringing their cars, we recommend public transit.

There are many different forms of public transportation provided for students. There are unlimited free rides for samtrans, muni bus and muni trains. To use BART students receive 50% off if they are coming from or going to Daly City. (This is the closest BART station to campus)

Visitors are allowed in the dorms when accompanied by a student. However, it is up to the student and their roommate's discretion to determine if they allow visitors in their own dorms. 


In order to help support your student in any payment you will need their permission. All payments are made through the student's account so in order to access it they will need to be present. Communication is key.


To apply for scholarships students access their Student Center and under “Resources” there would be a link titled “Apply for Campus Scholarships”. Other ways of locating scholarships would be on our campus bulletin boards.