FroshMemo Issue 44 Spring '22

                                                                                                                Farewell Gators🐊!!

The spring '22 semester is about to end, we were back on campus for the first time in a long time! For some of you, this might've even been the first semester that you're taking classes on campus during your SFSU experience. Well, New Student & Family Programs is super excited to say that we are all proud of you all, and you all deserve to treat yourselves. We also came up with another issue of FroshMemo to help get our end of the semester in the right way! For the last issue of the spring semester, you'll find student-written articles, new student resources, and other helpful tips for success this spring.

We really hope you are having a great end to your spring semester. If you ever need any help, our office is open in room 301 of the Student Services Building(SSB). We'd love to meet you! Don't forget to connect with us on Instagram @sfsu_NSFP so you never miss another FroshMemo, and until next time: GO GATORS🐊 !


                                                                        Reflection Back on All Your Accomplishments and Your Stride for Hardship 


By PK.


I remember my first year of college. With how fast time moves it honestly feels like it happened only a few months ago as opposed to it actually taking place 2 years prior. To say the least, my college experience definitely didn’t go how I was expecting as it was abruptly cut short by a worldwide pandemic. I think about all the missed experiences and adventures my friends and I were planning at the beginning of the semester.


Coming back to campus this year, not only as a junior and more “older and wiser”, has been a huge adjustment. I don’t feel like I ever got time to really make my mark and set up a support system in college my first year whereas now, not only am I more developed as a person. I’m more involved in school and other extracurriculars that fill my love of supporting others. Since my freshman year and continuously living through a pandemic, many things have had to change, our access and connectivity to others and the outside world were altered.


Getting involved within my school was one of the things that definitely helped me build stronger, more secure relationships with my peers and supervisors. Within my first year a few issues I believe made it hard for me to find support was knowing about resources and allocating time to using them. I was holding onto this idea of what I thought college was supposed to be and look like versus what I was actually facing. My apprehension about who I wanted to be also played a part in holding me back. The more I've grown I've learned you can never know more about something unless you ask questions and seek out help and answers. Now as a third-year I'm able to reflect back on my year and see which traits and habits helped in my academic achievements and which didn’t.


Remember to also prioritize other aspects of your life other than education. Making sure to get physical, spiritual, mental and all other sorts of health checks and safety practices needed in your life to compose you, encourage you, and lessen burnout will help with my continued journey onto higher education.


This year has definitely taught me a lot, not only about myself, and the lovely city we live in but also about how to communicate and have better relationships with others, whether those be professional, educational, or personal relationships. So as the year wraps up, I hope everyone gets a chance to self-reflect not only on all the hard work you’ve put in over the past few months, all the losses you may have faced but mostly on the victory of surviving it all. Whether this school year or the past semester has been what you planned for, you took on all challenges presented and accomplished many wins.  

                                                                                                                                 Gator “Shout-Out!” 🐊  

Gator Spotlight wants to recognize Donavon Evans (He/Him)!  


SFSU Student


Donavon is a senior majoring in Physics with a concentration in Astrophysics. He is from Woodbridge, California and chose SF State because he was left with a positive impression when he first visited the campus! He also wanted to initiate his college journey with his friend from high school who also got admitted to SFSU. 


The organization that this Gator is representing is Astronomers for Planet Earth (A4E), an international grass-roots movement of astronomy students, educators, novices, and scientists collaborating to address The Climate Crisis from an astronomical perspective. 


SFSU Events


Donavon is an A4E Member and explains that he originally joined because he wanted to get involved with like-minded people who are intentional about climate change mitigation and solutions. 


“A4E is a great organization to join! The people are very welcoming and everyone truly cares about the environment. If you would like to make a change in your area, this is a great place to get involved and learn.” – Donavon 


SFSU Events


When asked about why students should engage in school organizations, he believes that organizations are great opportunities to network, make friends, and get involved in something that students are truly passionate about. 


SFSU Student Events


A4E just recently hosted a joint event with Climate HQ called Actionable Hope, which gathered the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the SETI Institute, the California Academy of Sciences, and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific to hold an Interdisciplinary Discussion for a thriving world and provide information about internships and REU funds for research opportunities. 


SFSU Student Events


As for Donavon’s words of advice to incoming first-year students, he sat down to share his personal story: 


“My first semester I made the mistake of going out and having too much fun at the cost of my grades slipping. My advice would be to focus on school first, it's what you're paying for after all, and then go out after you've taken care of your priorities.” 


SFSU Student


Donavon adds that meeting new people and exploring the city will always be there, but students can't get back the time they lose if students have to retake classes.  


“Unless of course, you take summer classes! Jokes aside, I think the biggest thing that I learned was to just be myself. After I became comfortable in my own skin and didn't care what people thought of me, I began to make friends that I really connected with. They say you meet your lifelong friends in college, I can definitely vouch for that.” 


SFSU Student and friends


He also encourages first-time college students to not be afraid to introduce themselves to new people!  


“It really only takes just one conversation to change your life for the better! It happened to me and now I'm studying in a major that I'm passionate about just because of it.” 


SFSU Students


On a final note, Donavon advises students to not hesitate to switch their major if students find themselves being pulled in another direction. 


“I switched majors twice but at least now I can say I love what I'm learning about and I'm surrounded by people who are just as passionate about the major as I am. I’ve gone through semesters where I've felt lost and questioned if I was making the right choices. Since I've gone through my fair share of challenges while navigating college these last 4 years, I'm always more than willing to share my experiences with anyone in need of support or advice”. 


SFSU Student


To learn more about Astronomers for Planet Earth (A4E), visit their Instagram page: @astro4earth 


SFSU Event


For students to join A4E, head over to their website at and click the "Join Us" button at the top right of the web page! 


And to connect with Donavon to learn more about student life, follow his Instagram page: @donavonevans 


                                                                                                Gator Tails of a Transfer Student


The time is drawing close for seniors to graduate. When asked about how we feel, many expect our responses to be excitement. However, there is a mixture of bittersweet emotions. On one end, we are ending our college path and entering a new journey. This journey entails finding a new job, finding an internship, moving back home, flying abroad, or applying for grad school. On the other hand, we look back at the fond memories we made at SF State and we feel a sense of closure. We look back at our college nights, studying for exams, getting food with classmates, enjoying the sun in the quad, and running late toward classes. We also look back at our own journey and compare our senior selves with our freshmen selves. We realize how fast time flies.


My advice for incoming first year and transfer students is to take advantage of your college experience. Step out of your comfort zone, make new friends, use college resources, connect with professors, apply for new opportunities, and ask for help. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and stay in touch with your support network. College allows you to explore your own self and find what you are truly passionate about. Be mindful and intentional about your college experience.


As we seniors pack our belongings and look forward to our commencement ceremony, we hold on to our emotions and memories. We have pushed through the challenges and opportunities here at San Francisco State University. We know that incoming students will be just as capable of succeeding in their own college journey. We encourage students to do what excites and make the most out of your experience. We are Gators after all.


From one Gator to another,


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