FroshMemo: Archived Issue 18 Spring 21

Hello Gators and welcome to the NSFP FroshMemo!

With the semester kicking off, now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with all of the University’s upcoming events as well as some of our own personal tips and tricks to achieving academic success this semester.   As a reminder, we also have our Ask Alli Google form for any questions you would like to be featured, as well as reach out if you would like to be a Spotlight Gator.  Don’t miss out and make the most of all that's going on to begin Spring 2021!


FroshMemo Spring 21 Issue 18

Utilizing your Syllabus to Help you Succeed

Syllabi, have all of the important information regarding a course that you will need to stay organized, get in contact with your professors, and understand the course timeline. Here are the important components that you should look at on your syllabi!

  • General Course Information

    • Every syllabus will give you the name of your professor, their contact information, and their office hour time and location. You will also be able to find the course name and number in your syllabi. When you are confused or lost about the material in a course you can always utilize this information to connect with your professor or other classmates to seek guidance.
  • Class Description
    • Getting in the headspace of what information you will be learning in the upcoming semester can be done by reading the Class description. The professor will generally include the most key points of information that you will need to know. Looking at this can help you prepare for the semester and ask your professor questions ahead of time about the material.
  • Calendar:
    • Most professors will include a calendar of when you will have quizzes and homework assignments due. This is a good thing to look at and put into your own personal calendar. 
  • Grades:
    •  The syllabus will have a breakdown of how you will be graded in the course that you can utilize throughout the semester to track your progress in the course. 
  • Attendance/ Class Behavior
    • Your professor will show their own expectations for you in the syllabus which you can use to ensure you respect their work in the course, and the time of all your fellow students.

How to go about reaching out to advisors!

One resource that was severely underutilized in my first year of time at state was that of the academic advising aid that is present and active here on campus.  Throughout the entirety of the semester, our University’s Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC) and Advising Hub work as one-stop-shops for any of your personal advising needs.  Information in areas such as what classes to choose for the upcoming semester, academic planning for your time at SF State, probationary details, or questions about the field of study are all readily available through this useful asset!  A quick visit to the Advising Hub page allows Gator’s to use the directory available to shift through first-year advising as well as advising by the college of study of the student, such as the Lam Family College of Business, College of Ethnic Studies, etc. and select which one applies!  In doing so, all of the different resources to these specific colleges become available as well as lists to the entire list of faculty advisors at you or your students disposal, making it an excellent way of finding the emails, phone numbers, or even drop-in times for student advising.  From here, it is simple enough to navigate the landscape of the advising site to find the answers and information to any issues, conflicts, or questions one may have, or the resources to reach out to in order to find these answers.  

Personally, I would place understanding and using the Advising Hub Center the University provides for our students as much as possible!  Since our Gator’s are paying hard-earned money to be a member of our SFSU community and selected this destination to receive their education, the implementation and use of such resources like the advising center should be at the forefront of every students mind, as creating such connections as well as receiving additional knowledge on how to navigate one’s time here at SF State is imperative to student success!  Furthermore, this is a great way to form an association with your college and it’s resources, as well as the many wonderful people under these organizations that are there to help you in achieving your academic goals and aspirations. 


How to reach out to and connect with financial aid!

Something that I struggled with in my first year was speaking to and reaching out to financial aid. It can be a bit intimidating to reach out to resources but it is well worth it and important to get your questions answered! The financial aid office is a great resource to reach out to when you are in need of any type of support through your financial aid process.


What I found to be very helpful when I was in my first year was the support they offered for understanding your own personal financial aid. Though, before emailing financial aid with a question I would suggest checking out their website as some of their frequently asked questions can be found here: Below are a few tips for when contacting financial aid:


  • Format: When formatting your email there is no need to overthink this. What I would suggest is remaining professional. This means including a subject, salutation, body, closing, and signature. Learning how and becoming familiar with this type of email format is extremely useful when reaching out to various resources!
  • Important Inclusions: Important information to include in your email is your student ID, first and last name, and ensuring that your subject line is reflective of the email topic. This ensures they know which student they are supporting and how to best support them. Beyond that, including grammar and proper syntax is important to avoid confusing the reader to ensure that they can best support you and understand where you need support!


Complete the 2021-2022 FAFSA or California Dream Act Application Now!    2021–2022 FAFSA and California Dream Act applications are now available. We recommend completing before the March 2, 2021 priority deadline.


Learn how to make appointments with TASC and their other resources

As an SFSU student, you have free access to TASC. The TASC stands for Tutoring and Advising Support Center, offers skilled tutors to assist students in their courses. The tutoring will be online with Zoom. Students can make one time appointments or weekly appointments.

To schedule an appointment, students must log in to Navigator. The TASC department has a list of tutors available for your course.

Appointments start February 1, Monday-Thursday from 8 am-8 pm, Friday from 8 am-2 pm, and are 30 minutes to an hour-long.

There is a virtual reception where you can talk with the front desk staff and schedule an appointment, ask questions, and, if possible, schedule a drop in.

Drop-ins would usually be about a quick question, or to quickly check in with an essay. They are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Drop-in times are Monday-Thursday 10 am-4 pm, Friday 10 am-2 pm.

Group tutoring is study sessions in a workshop form. It will be about a particular course or specific area. The schedule will be coming soon.


Important Dates and Deadlines

We highly recommend students bookmark or calendar these dates on their phones or computer calendars. 

Monday January 25 - Friday, February 12

Spring 2021‘ Adding Classes with Permission 

Friday, February 12, 2020 

Spring 2021’ Last Day to Drop/Withdraw Classes      

Thursday, February 11, 2020

Spring 2021’ Last Day to  without a W 

Friday, February 19, 2020


Featured Events

Our time is precious--guarding our time is a way of taking care of ourselves. We’ll discuss ways to find wellness by building time management skills and prioritizing times for ourselves to rest. 



Want to laugh and show off your comedic genius? Come play Cards Against Humanity with us and showcase your wits. Join us on Thursday, February 4, 7-8 pm, for some laughs, to connect, and to have fun! Questions or accommodations? Email




Feeling overwhelmed from online school? Can’t keep track of all your assignments, meetings, and documents? Come to this workshop to get a multitude of free resources to help you organize and regain control of your life! 




Meet other first-year students and have a great time baking, destressing, and sharing your baked goods with your loved ones for Valentine's day!




A Virtual and Communal Event for Black Staff, Faculty, Students, and Alumni of the San Francisco State Campus. About this Event Featuring a historical contextualization of Black thought, leadership, and visionary ideation as a part of our expanding story as Black individuals.


Meet someone new at SFSU and correspond with them via email throughout the semester! Tell us about yourself in the Google Form. 

RSVP by February 15th:

Fridays February 19th - April 9th, 1-2 pm

Read The Purpose of Power by SFSU alumnae and #BlackLivesMatter co-founder Alicia Garza with the Black Unity Center and the First-Year Experience. We will meet every Friday, 12 - 1 from February 19 - April 9th. This will be facilitated by Tarshel Beards, Black Unity Center Director, and Makaela Mabrey, First-Year Experience Peer Mentor. The book will be provided to students. All students are welcome. 


RSVP by Thursday February 18th:


person smiling

Spotlight Gator

Dia Talwar (she/her/hers)

Class Standing: Sophomore

From: India

Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Info Systems and Decision Sciences


Why did you choose SFSU?: I chose SFSU because it has a really good business school, and it is an international school I could afford and also it is in the city. I love it here <3!


What has been your biggest roadblock this past semester?: My biggest roadblock was procrastination last semester and I overcame it by making a schedule and actually following it.


What is your dream job & why: I am still exploring but I want to be the CEO of a big company so that I could be in an impactful position and also represent brown girls.

Interested in Being Featured?

You can be featured in our memos! Utilize our platform to get connected with others, advertise for your organization, and tell your SF State story! 


If you are interested, feel free to fill out this form, and we will reach out to you with more information.


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What’s the 411 About the 415?


Hey Alli,


It’s the second week of school, and I need a second opinion on my Zoom OOTDs (“outfits of the day”). What hot, new fashion trends can I show off in my tiny Brady Bunch square? Since webcams are totally encouraged during synchronous courses, I’m taking this opportunity to make a good impression on anyone and everyone!


Your Fellow Gator,

Nani Mous


Hey Nani,


Being you and being true is timeless, so wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and collected! If you want to wear a nice top and a pair of cozy sweatpants, then so be it. And hey, if you “never have anything to wear,” SF State apparel is always acceptable.


SF State Clothing & Accessories and additional goods can be found on the SFSU Bookstore website.


Also, enhance your unique style with a Zoom background! You can even express your SF State pride with a purple and gold one. The following are instructions with regards to downloading SF State Zoom backgrounds (FREE):


  1. Click the following link to visit the “New Student Help Desk” web page on the NSFP website
  2. Scroll down to “SF STATE ZOOM KITS” and click “SF State Zoom Backgrounds”
  3. When the screen displays, “Part of San Francisco State University,” click “Continue”
  4. Enter your respective information for the SF State Global Login
  5. Download the SF State Zoom background(s) of your choice


See ya later, Gator!




P.S. Do YOU have questions without answers? Ask Alli by filling out this form!

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Dean-On-Call Program 

Real-time support for students and those that may be experiencing difficulties in navigating the universities environment

The Dean-On-Call Program serves as an opportunity for students to drop-in for usual or unusual questions, serve as a support or referral resource, and to help students navigate the university environment. 


First-Year Experience Peer Mentors

Fellow students are here to connect you to the campus community & provide one-on-one support!

The First-Year Experience Peer Mentor program provides support available to all first-year students at SFSU! Attend the events & study circles that peer mentors hold every week to meet other first-year students & integrate into the community at SFSU. You can also get individualized support by meeting with a peer mentor


New Student Help Desk 

Help when you need it most! Visit with New Student Programs and the Gator Mentors! 

The New Student Help Desk is open five days a week, Monday - Friday from 10 am-12 pm & 1 pm-2 pm every week! A GatorMentor is always there to answer any pressing questions you may have. The Help Desk is available for reservations Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm. If you would like to make a reservation, please email your assigned Gator Mentor directly, and they will assist you in setting up a reservation. Don't have a Gator Mentor? Email us at