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Every year, GatorFest! celebrates the return of the start of the academic year at SF State. All students are welcome! GatorFest! is an opportunity to start strong, make new connections, join clubs and organizations, learn more about the University resources and services, explore San Francisco, and celebrate all of what it means to be a Gator! 

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GatorFest! Poster (Download accessible PDF below)

Student Life Events

New Gator Family Reception

ChompFest! 2022

Entering Class Photo 

Board Game Nights

Student Life Carnival

Drag Queen Bingo

Greek Block Party

Rec the Night!

City Tours with Residential Life

Wellness Wednesdays

Beach Bonfire

Academic Events

The President's Luncheon (BBQ)

Alumni BBQ

College Open Houses

Starting Strong: Orientation Refresher

Know Your Syllabus

Advising Workshops

Emailing Your Professor

Building Your Semester Calendar (Important Dates & Deadlines!)

Icecream Socials



Skating Gators Roller Rink Event


Screen on the Green (Movie Night) 

Comedy Shows

Silent Disco

eSports Watch Parties

Gators Go See the Giants

Spokenword Poetry Night