Orientation Leaders

2019 Orientation Leaders Applications Open Near October!


Who are Orientation Leaders?

San Francisco State University's Orientation Leaders are student staff who assist with the implementation of SF State's New Student Orientation Program (NSO). OLs are well-respected, academically balanced leaders on campus. OLs are chosen based on their current and potential academic, interpersonal and leadership qualities. The Orientation Leader team is selected in the spring and participates in the following summer orientation sessions.

Interested in Becoming An Orientation Leader? 

Orientation Leaders are essential for the success of the Summer Orientation program and new student transition. Orientation is the process of engaging, informing, and assisting all new students and their guests (parents, family, friends, and other supporting figures) through the essential transition to a successful college experience. SFSU Orientation Leaders aid the facilitation of this process by providing new students, parents, and guests with an engaging introduction to campus and all its resources.


Read the Position Descriptions: COMING SOON! 

Orientation Leaders: 25-35 spots available


Instructions to Submit a Successful Application: 

  • STEP ONE: Revise your resume and coverletter
  • STEP THREE: Complete the Required Information section (i.e. Name, SFSU ID, email, phone, class level, etc.)
  • STEP FOUR: Complete the Education Information section 
  • STEP FIVE: Complete the Common Application Questions 
  • STEP SIX: Complete the Terms and Conditions section 
  • STEP SEVEN: Complete the Student Learning Outcomes section 
  • STEP EIGHT: Review and select "Orientation Leaders" from the Available Employment and Leadership Opportunities 
  • STEP NINE: Review and complete the New Student Progarms - New Student Summer Orientation Leader section, questions, and submit your resume and coverletter 
  • STEP TEN: Reach out to Chris Trudell, First-Year Experience Manager at trudell@sfsu.edu if you have any questions


Any questions can be directed to Chris Trudell, Interim First-Year Experience manager at trudell@sfsu.edu