Before Attending New Student Orientation Checklist

1. Accept Admissions Offer (AAO)

If you plan to attend SFSU, you MUST accept your offer of admission as soon as possible. Login to your SF State Gateway and click on the “Admission Status Details” button for your semester of admission.  From there, you will be able to accept your admission offer and access your Student Center. 


Once you accept your offer of admission, you will be assigned an SFSU email account. We will send important information to you through this email account, including priority course registration dates and new student orientation information. Please note, you will not be able to register for classes until you accept your offer of admissions. 

2. Register and Pay for Your Orientation 

Registration for New Student Orientation opens seasonally prior to the start of each semester term:

Summer Orientation, for the start of the Fall semesters, registration opens between March and April annually. Orientations will be during the months of June and July. 

Winter/Spring Orientation, for the start of the Spring semsters, registration opens between October and November annually. Orientations will be during the months of December and January. 

Once orientation registration is open, you can select the most suitable date to attend orientation and pay the orientation fee. You must accept your addmissions offer and pay for your enrollment deposit first, to then register for orientation.

3. Clear Any Holds on Your Registration & Check Financial Aid Offer 

All students must clear any existing registration holds before they can register for classes. You will need to clear Immunization, Health Insurance, and Financial holds before you can register for classes. We highly recommend reviewing your Student Center on a regular basis to address and resolve any and all holds on your account before attending orientation. Clearing any holds will make your course registration process operate smoothly!


Immunization:  If an Immunization HOLD exists in your Student Center, you will be required to submit immunization records for Measles, Mumps and Rubella. You should fax, mail, or submit proof of immunization in person directly to the Registrar's office.


Health Insurance: All international students are required to have health insurance while studying at SF State. Proof of insurance must be submitted directly to the Office of International Programs. Visit the Office of International Programs website for more details.


General "to do list" and Financial Aid: Complete any items on your “to do list” to ensure San Francisco State can award you all financial aid for which you are eligible. Also, check your Cal Grant status at and verify SF State is listed.


4. Contact the Disability Programs and Resource Center

San Francisco State University is dedicated to ensure that all aspects of campus life, learning, working and living - are universally accessible. If you anticipate needing accommodations as a student at SF State we recommend you contact the Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC). You can register with the DPRC and document your disability to help you fully access student life at SF State.

5. Review SF State's Websites and Prepare Any Questions

The San Francisco State website is a rich resource of information but can be overwhelming as a first-year student. That is ok! We recommend navigating the website and record any questions you might have and bring those to be answered at your New Student Orientation Session.

6. Access and Check Your SFSU Email OFTEN

Access your SF State email regularly for important communications and updates. Your email address is the primary form of communication from the institution. It is your responsibility to check your email on a regular basis! This is an important step to be a sucessful college student! 

7. Send Final Transcripts

Final transcripts can be brought to your orientation session or be formally submitted to the University. Check your Student Center at for a list of required documents and their deadlines.

8. Review the New Student Guide Before Orientation

We recommend becoming familiar with the New Student Guide before New Student Orientation. The New Student Guide can be found on the home page prior to the start of the new orientation season (approximately in the month of May). 

9. Prepare Your Travel/Lodging and Arrival to New Student Orientation

Due to COVID-19, please note that all Summer 2020 Orientation Sessions will be facillitated online.



Orientation will be at San Francisco State University. Check-in will be at the Main Lobby Level of the Cesar Chavez Student Center at the following times (based on your Orientation session type: First-Year Freshmen or Transfer full-day or half-day (morning and afternoon): 

First-Year Freshmen Full-day: 8:00 AM at the Main Lobby Level of the Cesar Chaves Student Center 

Transfer Students, Half-day, Morning: 8:00 AM at the Main Lobby Level of the Cesar Chaves Student Center

Transfer Students, Half-day, Afternoon: 10:30 AM at the Main Lobby Level of the Cesar Chaves Student Center 

Tranfser Students, Full-day: 8:00 AM at the Main Lobby Level of the Cesar Chaves Student Center 

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