Frequently Asked Questions

What will my Orientation schedule of the day look like?

  • The best place to find your most updated schedule of the day will be via our Gator Guides App, specifically for Orientation!  Gator Guides is designed to support your transition to college life. You and your parents/guests will need this for orientation too!  If you are on an iPhone or Android device, please visit your appropriate app store, search for the free app Gator Guides, and proceed to download.  This app will be required for your successful visit to campus and includes:
    • -  Your Orientation schedule of the day
    • -  Parent/Guest schedules of the day
    • -  Campus maps (so you don’t get lost!)
    • -  Orientation lunch menu options
    • -  TONS of campus resources to help your successful transition to SF State!

Is New Student Orientation mandatory?

  • New Student Orientation is not a mandadory program in order for you to enroll for classes.  However, attending New Student Orientation is highly encouraged.

What if I'm not able to attend a New Student Orientation session this summer?

  • If you are not able to attend a New Student Orientation session, you will be given access to online information about academic advising, tips on how to register for courses, and resources and tools about academic success. You will also be able to register for their fall courses, after orientation, when Open Registration for all students is available (this is typically in late July or early August).  Information about Student Life and campus resources will also be made available during the Fall 2018 Welcome Days program. More information will be sent later during the summer for those who did not attend a New Student Orientation session during the 2018 season.

What is this Orientation HOLD on my account?

  • When you check in for your Orientation session, this HOLD will be removed, which will allow you to register for classes..  At Orientation, you will get the opportunity to pick and select your 2018 Fall schedule of classes.  However, if you are registered for an orientation session, and do not show up or check in for your session, your Orientation HOLD will not be able to removed since you are not in attendance for your Orientation!  If you are registered for a session, and know you will not be able to attend, please email our office at, provide your full name, SFSU ID Number, and the date(s) that you may be interested in attending.  Please note, that many of our sessions are at capacity for most majors, and it may be difficult to add you to a session that is already full!

Are the New Student Orientation fees refundable?

  • Orientation fees are non-refundable.

Is On-Campus Housing available during my visit for Orientation?

  • Yes!  Please click on the link to the left for Overnight Accommodations for more information!

Are there wait-lists for New Student Orientation sessions that are closed?

  • Once a session has reached full capacity, it is considered closed.  We do not maintain waiting lists.  Please contact our office should you have any questions about your reservation.

What is the guest policy for New Student Orientation sessions?

  • Each student is allowed to bring two guests. We offer a very specific program for parents of new students aimed at developing a collaborative partnership between parents and the University dedicated to student success.

Can my significant other attend New Student Orientation?

  • Yes. However all guests will be asked to follow the parent/guest program during New Student Orientation. They will not be able to participate in the student program.

What should I bring to New Student Orientation?

  • An open mind, patience and excitement!  
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes.  We will be moving around a lot!
  • Dress in layers! Someone once said that, "The coldest winter I ever spent, was a summer in San Francisco." It gets chilly! Northern California, especially around The Bay, can have a diversity of micro-climates. Be prepared for cooler weather, sunny then to cloudy skies, and Karl the Fog (usually in the afternoon)!
  • Paper and something to write with, in case you'd like to take notes!
  • Your mobile device, fully charged, free-up space for new apps and new photos!
  • Download the San Francisco State App and San Francisco State Gator Guides App!
  • Money for snacks or souvenirs.
  • Questions and excitement! 


Go Gators!